2017 Defend the Faith Conference

Listen to the audios from the Conference:

Session 1 – Ron Davis – A Sure Foundation: Facts vs Feelings 

Session 2 – Robert Wilson – Nullifying God – Evolutions End Game

Session 3 – Keaton Halley – Creation – What’s the Big Deal?

Session 4 – William Adams – Righteousness, Justice and Racial Unity

Session 5 – Mike Meshaw – A Renewed Mind Challenged (sorry, this recording did not work).   This was a very inspiring message about running the race for Christ before an audience of One!  You can hear Pastor Mike Meshaw preach at the Grace Church in Greenville, NC.  http://www.gracechurchnc.com/

Sunday’s Message – Nov 19 – Pastor Robert Kornegay  – “Defending the Faith”


Which has the greatest influence today  … The Church on the Culture or the Culture on the Church?

The answer has eternal consequences for both believers and non-believers.  A select panel of Christian theologians, authors and educators will address this and many other critical issues challenging the Church today.  

Date/Time:    Saturday,  November 18th, 2017   (9am – 4pm)

Where:         Emerald Isle Chapel By The Sea, 6712 Emerald Drive, 28594

                            *Lunch will be provided

Target Audience:   Adults & Students    (No childcare Service provided)

The Conference Fee is $20/adult & $10/students payable on the day of the Conference.  (Note, if you are thinking about attending or planning to attend please fill out the registration form at the bottom of this page to help us plan for lunch and space to sit.  Thank you)

Books and DVDs will be available for purchase and an opportunity to make a tax-exempt donation will be provided.

Contact Information:   Pastor Robert Kornegay  252­-354­-3210    rlkornegay@gmail.com